Josh Cary

Josh is an award-winning pitmaster who has competed on and off on the KCBS circuit as All Things Barbecue and Yoder Smokers since 2013. Josh lives in Wichita, KS with his wife Tessia, daughter Cora and their dog Ace.

Big Green Egg: An Introduction and Five Ways to Make Your EGG More Versatile!

Big Green Egg

They may look a bit weird, and have a funny name; but for those of who have never had the chance to cook on a Big Green Egg, here is a short introduction of why we love them. The Big Green Egg is a modern ceramic version of ancient clay fired kamado grills. The kamado, which is Japanese for stove, has a vast history, and clay cooking pots unearthed in China by Archaeologists date back as much as 3,000 years. Americans were first introduced to kamado cookers in the years after WWII, and they started to show up in the states in the years following.

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The National Bar-B-Que Derby 2012

We hung out at the National Bar-B-Que Derby on Saturday and chatted it up with teams from all over. This is only the second year of this event, but the quality of the food and the competition was top notch! We got to meet up with a handful of teams that represent the All Things Barbecue brand, including the wonderful crew from Big Sexy Boys! They were set up with their Yoder Smokers YS640s on orange competition carts that they have dubbed, “the twins.”

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The Weber Kettle, 60 Years and Still a Classic

George Stephan Sr., just wasn’t happy with his open flame brazier. He was looking for something that he could cook with that would give him more control, even temperatures, and a sealed environment to keep out wind and water. Luckily for George, and everyone who has owned a Weber Kettle since, he worked at Weber Brothers Metal Works. George built a new backyard grill out of the metal parts meant for a lake buoy, fashioned some legs for it, and the backyard barbecue was never the same!

Stephan started selling the grill locally in 1951, and when word got around that people were loving his invention, he started selling the Weber Kettle commercially the next year. Over the years, the Weber Kettle has gone through some changes, but the overall design remains. A simple round bottom with a dome top that seals around the edge to keep your grill safe from wind and the elements.

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August Cooking Class Recap

8/12 ATBBQ Class

Over the weekend we hosted three of our famous All Things Barbecue cooking classes in our brand new teaching kitchen. Every one of these classes was sold out, which just proves how many people want to learn from pit master Andy Groneman of Smoke on Wheels Competition BBQ! This class setting promotes interaction between the attendees so you meet new outdoor cooking enthusiasts, eat great food prepared by an award winning chef and learn the secrets of preparing all of the dishes that were served.

Friday night’s Master the Grill class featured a New England inspired “Blueberry Slump Cake” for the baked element, and you could’ve heard a pin drop when it was served. Along with this wonderful slump cake, over the entire weekend, we featured Andy’s award winning ribs, filet mignon, pork carnitas, grilled sea bass, Andy’s Blue Ribbon Brisket, and much more!

This class weekend we welcomed Al Brendel from Riverside, California and Dave Trent from Carrol, Iowa; both do their outdoor cooking on a Yoder YS640 pellet grill. Good times, great fun and outstanding food, that’s what best describes cooking classes at All Things Barbecue. For more information about the classes, click here, and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list so you can stay in the loop for all upcoming classes at All Things Barbecue.