Recipes: Beer Cheese Soup

Beer Cheese Soup

Here in Kansas, it seems that Fall needs a little coaxing. The cooler weather and changing leaves are taking their time arriving, but we’re not waiting any longer. It’s soup season! We’re combining two of our favorite things, beer and cheese, to make a creamy, delicious, gonna-eat-it-even-though-it’s-still-warm-outside soup!

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Tips & Techniques: How to Cure Your Own Bacon

How to Make Bacon

With a little patience and just a handful of ingredients, you could be enjoying your very own home made bacon at a fraction of the price that you’re paying for the store bought stuff. The best part? The endless options for customizing your bacon. But lets start with the basics. Read on, if you’re ready to take your bacon to the next level!

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Recipes: Pickled Pepper Poppers

Pickled Pepper Poppers

Thanks our never ending quest to find ways to stuff cheese and other fillings into chiles and wrap them in pork, we bring you the prosciutto wrapped, sausage and cream cheese stuffed pickled pepper popper. Enjoy!

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