Tips & Techniques

Tips and Techniques: All Things Turkey


Thanksgiving turkey can be intimidating. Even seasoned cooks struggle to produce a perfectly moist, crowd pleasing, mouth watering, nap inducing turkey. The good news is, we’re here to help.

Cooking Methods

We’ll discuss three ways of preparing the turkey:

  • Spatchcocking – our preferred method, which is to “butterfly” the bird by removing the backbone.
  • Cooking it whole – the Norman Rockwell classic whole bird.
  • Breaking down the bird all the way – cooking the individual pieces.

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Tips & Techniques: Our Take on Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville Hot Chicken

If you like spicy and you like fried chicken, then Nashville Hot Chicken should be right up your alley. Despite its popularity in the Music City, there is much left to the imagination when it comes to creating it yourself. There doesn’t seem to be a hot chicken joint in town that’s willing to part with its recipes or signature techniques. Lucky for you guys, we’re not in the habit of keeping secrets. After some research and tweaking, we’ve come up with a recipe and technique adapted to the grill that, at the very least, is likely going to make you sweat.

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