Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15th.


Maverick ET-733 Wireless Barbecue Thermometer – $69.99

The Maverick ET-733 Wireless Barbecue Thermometer is an update on the classic ET-732. The ET-733 allows you to monitor both meat and barbecue pit temperatures, and also allows you to monitor two meats or two barbecue pits at one time!


Maverick PT-100 Instant Read Thermometer – $89.99

The Maverick PT-100 Pro-Temp Instant Read Professional Thermometer is a must-have tool for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. This instant read thermometer uses a professional grade thermocouple to give you highly-accurate and nearly instant internal temperatures of anything you are cooking.


Lodge Logic 12″ Cast Iron Skillet – $36.95

The Lodge 12″ Cast Iron Skillet is a go to for many of the best chefs in the country. Cast iron cookware is naturally non-stick, and unlike other cookware it will get better with age. This 12” skillet has a 2” depth making it perfect for sautéing, searing, frying, baking and stir frying.


UTC Hardwoods Cutting Board – Starting at $29.95

UTC Hardwood Cutting Boards are hand built one at a time, and are manufactured to give you a lifetime of use. These high quality cutting boards are made from various hardwoods including walnut, oak and maple.


The Pit Mitt – $17.99

The Pit Mitt is made of aramid fibers that form a heat barrier for ultimate protection. A soft cotton inner layer provides comfort while the long length protects your lower arm. The Pit Mitt can withstand temperatures up to 475 degrees while the silicone on the mitt surface gives you superior grip.


The Prophets of Smoked Meat – $29.99

The comprehensive, must-have guide to Texas barbecue, including pitmasters’ recipes, tales of the road—from country meat markets to roadside stands—and a panoramic look at the Lone Star State, where smoked meat is sacred.


Steven Raichlen Sauce Mop – $9.99

This sauce mop features an all cotton detachable head and an 18-inch handle. The Steven Raichlen Sauce Mop is ideal for applying basting mixtures, mops or barbecue sauces. Replacement heads are also available.


Reversible Rib and Roast Rack – $14.99

This is the ultimate rib rack. One side of this rack holds large cuts of meat or poultry while the reverse side cooks ribs upright, allowing you to smoke up to six racks in the space of two! The non-stick coating making clean up a breeze.


BBQr’s Delight Pellets 3 Pack – Starting at $59.99

The choice of competitors everywhere, BBQr’s Delight Pellets are consistently rated among the highest quality pellets available. These pellets are a blend of 2/3 oak and 1/3 flavor wood giving you a high BTU, low ash burn that is perfect for smoking, baking and grilling.

Cooker Maintenance – Spring Cleaning for Your Grill and Smoker


Okay so the days are getting longer, the snow is melting away and Old Man Winter is finally loosening his grip on your patio. It is time to shake off the winter blues, hear the sizzle of meat hitting hot grates and put some sweet blue smoke in the air! At Big Guns HQ that also means its time to give everything a good cleaning, a tune up and some love to make sure it is ready for the upcoming year.

We all know that guy or have a friend that insists on never cleaning their cooker, swearing that it will ruin the “seasoning”. While it’s true that a well seasoned pit is a happy one it’s also true there is a huge difference between seasoned and funky. Seasoning shouldn’t drip down nasty globs of black gunk onto those beautiful candy apple red ribs or leave little crunchy bits of Christmas turkey on your prime Porterhouse when you flip it over.

How to Spatchcock the Perfect Turkey

How to Spatchcock a Turkey

There are many ways to prepare and cook a turkey for the holidays from roasting whole to cutting into quarters and cooking separate. In the end, most methods work well enough. But “well enough” is not good enough for us. In our journey to find the best way to prepare a turkey we have tried it all. We always come back to the method that produces great results every time – spatchcock the turkey and smoke it.

Spatchcocking is a simple technique that includes cutting out the backbone of the turkey, removing the ribs, and laying the bird out flat so that the dark and white meat all cook in the same period of time. No more overcooked breast just to have dark meat that is finished to perfection. This method will allow you to finish all of the bird at the same time.

Picking and Preparing the Perfect Holiday Turkey


The holidays are here and for many of us that means hosting family and friends for a turkey dinner (or lunch). There can be a lot of pressure on the host to find and prepare the perfect turkey, so we have come up with a few tips to make sure you have the perfect bird.

Tip #1

Make sure you get a large enough bird to feed everyone. If you are hosting a bigger group, getting a bird in the 20 pound range seems like a good idea. In reality these birds are so large that they do not cook evenly and are much harder to work with. Instead, buy two smaller birds in the 14 pound range. If you are hosting a smaller gathering, a smaller bird will work just fine. You always want to make sure you have enough meat (plus who doesn’t like leftovers?) so plan on 2 pounds per guest. Using this ratio a 12 pound bird will easily feed a group of six.

Tip #2

Thawing your turkey is an important step and should never be rushed. Make sure you purchase your bird far enough in advance to allow it to thaw in the refrigerator. Most birds will take 48 – 72 hours to fully thaw. When thawing in the refrigerator place the frozen turkey in a pan to catch any water or drippings. If you must rush the thaw a bit you can place it in a bucket of cold water, but make sure and change the water often enough to keep the temperature under 40º at all times. Harmful bacteria starts to grow at  40º and you don’t want to take any risks.

Tip #3

Clean the bird thoroughly once it is fully thawed. Pull out the giblets and reserve them for gravy if you would like, and then rinse the bird under cold running water and pat it dry with paper towels all over (including the inside). This will achieve several things. First, most turkeys have been pre-brined in a saltwater solution so you want to rinse it off well before cooking. Second, it will give you a nice dry surface for your prep. Finally, it will make sure any contaminants from butchering and packaging are rinsed off before you cook it.

Tip #4

Clean your prep area before you begin and clean it often as you prepare your turkey as well. Most turkeys carry harmful bacteria but when your preparation area is safe and clean you run little risk of making yourself or someone else sick. Having a good bleach spray or wipes and paper towels is recommended as bleach is guaranteed to disinfect any area that raw turkey may have touched. Don’t forget to also wipe down the sink where you rinsed the bird to make sure any contamination from this step is taken care of.

If you follow these tips, you will be ready to safely prepare a delicious turkey. In our our next blog post on the perfect holiday turkey we will look at the pros and cons of brining vs. injecting, whether or not to stuff your turkey, what rubs are best for a smoked turkey and how to prepare and smoke  your bird on whatever grill you have.

Big Green Egg: An Introduction and Five Ways to Make Your EGG More Versatile!

Big Green Egg

They may look a bit weird, and have a funny name; but for those of who have never had the chance to cook on a Big Green Egg, here is a short introduction of why we love them. The Big Green Egg is a modern ceramic version of ancient clay fired kamado grills. The kamado, which is Japanese for stove, has a vast history, and clay cooking pots unearthed in China by Archaeologists date back as much as 3,000 years. Americans were first introduced to kamado cookers in the years after WWII, and they started to show up in the states in the years following.