The Weekend Warrior’s Secret to Perfect Barbecue!

Thermoworks Thermapen

In talking with our customers one of the most frequent complaints I hear is that the grilled foods they produce off of their grill is tough or dry. When I ask what internal temperature they are cooking to the answer is generally, “I don’t know.” My response, every single time, is that checking internal temperature will bring you excellent, dare I say perfect, results!

Thermometers aren’t just for telling you when food has reached a safe temperature. They will make sure that you cook your grilled creations to the desired doneness, which will wow your guests and family members alike.

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New Blog, Now With 98% More Awesome!

We’re pleased to be pulling the wrapping off a new blog for All Things Barbecue!  We’re calling it “The Sauce”, and plan to use it in both the traditional role of a news and information portal, but also as a place we can share recipes and how-to videos that we’ve had rumbling around in our brains for a while now.

Our new blog is also a very social critter.  It boasts some very deep social integration, and gives those of you who follow us on Facebook a chance to interact with us right here on the pages of our website.  We’re pretty excited about this, and you’ll be seeing more very soon!