Our Favorite Flavors

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and wondered how the meat had such a wonderful balance of flavors? Maybe you've encountered a familiar flavor that you never imagined would work well combined with roast or pork. It all comes down to the spice combinations and applications.  You can surprise your family or friends with your next meal by adding the flavors below.  Your meal will taste like it was created by a 5 star chef.

Just the Stock

You might think turkey stock is limited in uses, made only as a base for gravy, or saved for the traditional Thanksgiving leftovers “go-to” meal – turkey noodle soup. Contrary to popular belief, turkey stock can add the perfect punch of savory flavor to your stuffing, rice dishes, gumbo, even turkey salad sandwiches. Make this stock in advance and freeze it for when you need it. Use an ice cube tray and freezer bags to make “flavor bombs” to drop in any dish needing a boost. The possibilities are plenty for this hearty stock recipe.

Perfect Pie Crust

The Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without a sweet treat, and the dessert that always gets the holiday nod is pie. Whether your pie flavor of choice is the fall favorite pumpkin or the traditional apple, you’ll want a pie crust with just the right amount of flake.  And the best base comes from crusts made from scratch. Don’t fret – we take the guess work out of crafting pie crusts with this hearty dough recipe.

Wine Fun for Thanksgiving

The holidays are upon us and that means home entertaining and those long-anticipated dinner extravaganzas with family and friends.  I’m always looking for the great wines at a great price that go well with the array of holiday cuisine.   Wines that will leave your guests impressed with your thoughtfulness and send them to the wine store to replicate your entertaining style.  Wine is such an individual and subjective topic and there really isn’t one wine that goes great with a Thanksgiving spread.

How to Spatchcock a Turkey for Great Results Everytime

There are many ways to prepare and cook a turkey for the holidays from roasting whole to cutting into quarters and cooking separate. In the end, most methods work well enough. In our journey to find the best way to prepare a turkey, we have tried it all. We always come back to the method that produces great results every time – spatchcock the turkey and smoke it. This is the method we recommend over any other when cooking a bird.

Better Turkey with Brine

Brining is the process of submerging meat in a salt solution, often in combination with other flavoring agents (herbs, chili, aromatics), to give your meat its best shot at staying moist while cooking. With brines, you’ll want to marinate the whole bird/spatchcocked bird at least a couple of hours, but for more flavor leave it in the brine solution overnight.