Cooking with Fire Episode 16: Cold Smoking Cheese

Pitmaster Josh Cary and Chef Tom Jackson of All Things Barbecue ( sit down to discuss one of their favorite cooking techniques, cold smoking.

Cooking with Fire Episode 16: Cold Smoking Cheese


  • your favorite cheeses


Place your cheese of choice inside the cooking chamber of your grill. If you have a grill with a fan, turn the fan on, but do not light a fire. If your grill does not have a fan, place a small battery operated fan in the chamber to create a draft.

Place a smoke tube or wood chip box in the grill. Light the pellets or chips on fire with a torch. Allow them to smolder. It is best to NOT soak your wood chips. Soaked chips create white acrid smoke that will taste bitter. Cold smoke the cheese for 2-3 hours.

Remove the cheese from the chamber. Place in the refrigerator uncovered until chilled. Transfer to a vacuum seal bag. Vacuum seal the bag and return to the refrigerator. Let rest one week to mellow the smoke flavor. After one week, the cheese is ready to eat.

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