Recipe: Pulled Pork BBQ Smoked Beans



Recipe: Pulled Pork BBQ Smoked Beans

Yield: 12+



Preheat your Yoder Smokers YS640 to 225ºF. Trim your pork butt. Inject with Smoke on Wheels Pork Marinade and Injection using a marinade injector such as the Broil King Stainless Steel Marinade Injector. Apply R Butts R Smokin’ Ozark Heat BBQ Rub to all surfaces.

Sauté the diced onions until translucent. In a half sized foil pan, combine the drained beans, American Stockyard Baked Bean Starter, and sautéed onions.

Place the pork butt on the top rack of your smoker. Place the pan of beans directly below the pork, to catch the juices as the pork cooks. Smoke at 225ºF for about four hours. After four hours, remove the beans and set aside. Continue to cook the pork butt until desired color is achieved on the outside, about two hours longer. Then, wrap the pork butt in foil and return to the cooker, to finish the cook. The shoulder is done when the meat is pull-able, but not mushy.

Combine the beans with desired amount of pulled pork; probably about half, but it’s up to you and what you’d like the meat to bean ratio to be. Add some of the juice from the pork, as well. Also add about half a cup of Eat Barbecue IPO Barbecue Sauce. Taste and adjust seasonings as necessary.

Tip: This dish reheats well, so it can be made ahead of time. A crock-pot is an ideal way to hold the beans at a warm temperature for serving.




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