The Top 9 BBQ Tech Tool Gifts for the Holidays


Outdoor cooking has come a long ways since its stripped down beginnings. As with most things, there are now a bevy of tech tools to help you achieve better results and make your cooking experience more pleasant. Our team has come up with the top 9 barbecue tech tools to make your holiday buying a breeze!


Maverick ET-732, $64.99. This handy tool has been at the top of griller’s must-have lists for a couple of years now. It allows you to monitor both your food temperature and your grill temperatures from afar (up to 300 feet). This winter, don’t catch a cold running in and out to check your food – let the Maverick ET-732 do the leg work for you!


BBQ Guru Controllers, $185.00+. If you’ve got to have that charcoal and wood smoke flavor but don’t want to spend hours constantly monitoring your fire, you need a BBQ Guru smoker automation system. Simply set your desired cooker temperature, plug in all the necessary pieces and let the on-board fan do the work. This product works on ceramic grills, offset smokers, kettles, and verticals. A WiFi model is also available that conveniently sends temperature data to your computer.


ThermoWorks ChefAlarm, $59.00. New to the ThermoWorks line-up this year is the newly re-designed ChefAlarm. With a large, easy-to-read display and high and low temperature alarms, this tool is perfect for use at home or even in a commercial business. The included food probe is a premium probe that will stand up to continuous high-heat use. Available in a large variety of colors, the ChefAlarm is a great addition to any kitchen!


VacMaster PRO260 Vacuum Sealing System, $229.99. Your foodie friends will love this gadget that helps safely store large quantities of food. The VacMaster system has a wide variety of food storage bags, rolls, and containers to organize and stock your fridge or freezer. Cook pulled pork ahead of time, vacuum seal, freeze it and it’s ready anytime with no fuss. A must-have in any kitchen.


Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna Cold Smoker, $135. If someone on your list is looking to get more smoke flavor out of their existing grill OR cold smoke cheeses and other meats, this is a gadget they’ll love. Attach to your cooker, load with pellets or chips, let it run and be amazed at the smoky flavors you’ll achieve.


Looftlighter, $79.95. We know you’ve already cut out chemical-laden lighter fluid (right?) and switched to a safer way of lighting your coals but did you know it gets even easier? The Looftlighter electric charcoal starter uses a high heat electric element that reaches temps of 1256 degrees Fahrenheit to ignite your charcoal in as little as one minute.


GrillPro Universal LED BBQ Q-Lite, $18.99. This handy little light packs a powerful punch and hooks on a variety of grill handles for easy use. As these winter months find us grilling in the dark, illuminate your cooking area without juggling a flashlight AND your tongs.


Napoleon TravelQ, $189. Got a tailgater or camping enthusiast on your list? Napoleon’s portable gas grill has a heavy duty cast iron grate and stainless steel burner for easy cooking when you’re not at home.


Big Green Egg Electric Charcoal Lighter, $39.95. A must have for any egg-head, this electric charcoal starter is curved specifically to fit into a kamado style cooker. It’ll get natural lump charcoal started quickly and easily with no mess.

These items are the absolute best barbecue tech tools on the market today. Stuffed in a stocking or tucked under the tree this holiday season, the grill master in your life will thank you for getting them a gift they can use all year long.

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