Video: Reverse Seared Cowboy Ribeye on a Gas Grill


If you can’t tell from our videos, we love steak, especially when the steak is a Creekstone Farms Master Chef Choice Cowboy Ribeye.


Reverse Seared Cowboy Ribeye on a Gas Grill



Place a smoker box directly on the deflector/sear plates under the cooking grate, to the far side of your grill. Fill with wood chips and pour some water over the chips. Don’t soak the chips before placing them in the box. Turn on the burner directly under the smoker box to medium-high heat. Leave the burners on the opposite side of the grill turned off. Allow the chips to begin to smoke and the chamber to preheat.

Trim any excess fat from the ribeye, as desired. Rub the steak with a small amount of oil, just enough to allow the seasoning to stick to the meat. Season the steak with Cattleman’s Grill Steakhouse Seasoning on all sides.

Place the steak on the cooking grates opposite the smoking box. Cook at a low temperature, refilling the smoking box with chips as necessary. Monitor the internal temperature of the ribeye using an instant read thermometer. When the internal temperature reaches 115ºF transfer the steak to the infrared side burner and sear over high heat on both sides until the internal temperature reaches 130ºF. Remove the steak from the burner and rest 5 minutes before slicing. *If you do not have a side burner: When the internal temperature reaches 115ºF, remove the steak from the cooker and turn all burners to high. Wait until the chamber/grates are hot and place the steak back on the grill. Continue cooking, flipping the steak to sear both sides, until the internal temperature reaches 130ºF.

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