Recipes: Pickled Pepper Poppers

Pickled Pepper Poppers

Thanks our never ending quest to find ways to stuff cheese and other fillings into chiles and wrap them in pork, we bring you the prosciutto wrapped, sausage and cream cheese stuffed pickled pepper popper. Enjoy!

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Recipes: Bacon Wrapped Dove Breasts

Bacon Wrapped Dove Breasts

With dove hunting season now in full swing, we’re answering the call we’ve heard from so many of you for our take on this popular game bird. There are plenty ways you can go when preparing dove, and we could probably spend a week never repeating a recipe and never being disappointed, but today we share with you our favorite. The tried and true bacon wrapped dove breasts.

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Recipes: Bourbon Bacon Chicken Wings

Bourbon Bacon Chicken Wings

Just when you thought we’d run out of ways to use bacon… We’re employing a a brand new (to us) technique that might change all kinds of classic foods. It’s bacon paste! I know, it sounds strange, but it’s fantastic, and I feel like there are a lot of possible uses for this in the future. The idea is to take raw bacon and combine it with any number of seasonings and aromatics in a food processor and processing it into a smooth paste. Read on for more bacon awesome-ness!

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Recipes: Buffalo Chicken Grilled Salad

Buffalo Chicken Grilled Salad

We could almost call this blog post, “How to avoid a boring salad!” This Buffalo Chicken Grilled Salad is so packed with flavor. Big flavor in the chicken – the char, the Buffalo sauce. Big flavor in the dressing – the cilantro and garlic. Not to mention, it’s visually stunning on the platter. Trust me, you don’t want to scroll past this one!

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